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Unlike other stolen vehicle location service, Sky Link
provides broad, nationwide coverage and the ability
to work with all law enforcement agencies. This improves
the likelihood that your vehicle will be recovered quickly.
Sky Link advisors are available around the clock to assist law
enforcement in locating your vehicle should it ever be stolen.
Sky Link service is provided for as long as you own your vehicle
with NO additional subscription fees! Enjoy the peace of mind
that comes with knowing your vehicle is safe and secure.
Your Sky Link system and service is transferable to a subsequent
owner of your vehicle, providing them with valuable features
for a modest transfer fee.
Your Sky Link service includes a 2-year, No-Risk Guarantee. If your
car is stolen, Sky Link will locate it within 24-hours or you get your
money back (terms & conditions apply).
Having the Sky Link vehicle location service may qualify you for discounts
on your auto insurance. Check with your insurance agent to determine if
discounts are available.
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Enhance your protection by adding the SKY5000 Theft Guarantee. Should your vehicle
be stolen and not recovered in 30 days, you will be eligible for up to $5,000 in trade benefits.
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The cost of a non-recovered vehicle in the United States can really add up! Consider these costs...
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Insurance Deductible + Loss of Personal Items + Unfavorable Insurance Valuation +
License and Registration Fees + Taxes / Interest + Vehicle Customizations +
Alternate Transportation Fees + Acquisition Fees / Disposition Fees +Service Contracts